Working with young people to build happy and healthy relationships

Yoga for You : Schools Program

Yoga for You is a 6 week program for secondary school students addressing healthy and positive relationships with the self through yoga. The program combines physical movement (asanas) with mindfulness, grounding strategies, stress management skills and open discussion around positive relationships with ourselves and our bodies.

The program has been co-designed by an outstanding team of students from Melbourne, Australia. Co-design is a crucial aspect of the program as it ensures it can more effectively meet the needs and reflect the values of the people who will be participating in it by embedding them in the design process. Working with young people to co-design the Yoga for You program means that young people have been active participants in shaping the way the program has been designed and is delivered, so that it directly relevant to their lived experiences.


  • Co-design a participatory yoga program with students which directly addresses the needs and lived experiences of young people’s relationships with their selves​

  • Work collaboratively with students to build healthy relationships with their bodies and selves through yoga

  • Improve resiliency and develop grounding strategies to help students manage stressors they may be experiencing in their environments, such as at home or at school

  • Equip students with the knowledge and skill-sets to express their needs, develop healthy personal boundaries, and nourish positive relationships with themselves and others.


Yoga is a system which involves looking at and working with the body in a holistic way. The practice of yoga helps us to connect our mind, body and breath. Practicing yoga in a safe and supported environment opens up space to explore the possibilities of the body, to develop strength and to enact choice according to how your body feels and what it needs.


As yoga works directly with and through the body, it is perfectly positioned to address what it means to have a healthy and positive relationship with the body. Yoga brings our attention inwards to explore all the aspects of ourselves that make up who we are. Regular yoga practice provides the opportunity to connect with the body and to bring an awareness to the strengths and resources already present within the body. Through fostering a positive relationship with our bodies, in all their beautifully varied shapes, sizes and abilities, we naturally come to feel a sense of gratitude for it and develop a respectful relationship with the body and self.


​The program addresses topics including grounding, being present, building a sense of gratitude, exploring self-expression and courage, challenging the self-critic and setting goals. 

Students will:

  • Learn strategies and approaches to connect with their body and manage negative self-talk

  • Develop skills to be able to express their needs and wants in a positive and healthy way

  • Build an understanding and awareness of healthy boundaries and relationships 

  • Develop a simple and safe personal yoga practice

What students say about the program...

I feel so much better about myself. I can appreciate the way my body is because of the amazing things it can do.


I feel like I can manage my stress and calm down using breathing techniques and practicing feeling grounded.

It cleared my head and I had time to just breathe.


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