I run a range of public programs including...

Work Flow Yoga

Corporate yoga classes for co-working spaces and businesses

Yoga for You

Public Program

6 week program for all bodies, all shapes, all sizes, all abilities

Private Classes

One-on-one or small group classes for yogis of all levels


Work Flow​

Yoga with Jemma

We live in a world where we are always on the go, we are constantly moving, we are constantly doing. Let's not forget what our body 

needs: time to flow, time for stillness, time to be. 

Work Flow uses yoga forms, breath and mindfulness to bring the 

body and mind into balance. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur, filmmaker, designer, 

teacher, artist, dreamer, Work Flow  Yoga carves out time in 

your week to reset yourself, ready to face your next adventure 

head on.

Trial Work Flow Yoga today, first session by donation.

Yoga for You - 6 Week Public Yoga Program​

Yoga for You is a 6 week yoga program designed for all bodies - all shapes, all sizes, all abilities.The program supports you to connect to your sense of self and build a healthy and positive relationship with your body, mind and heart.


Join me for 6 weeks to explore, enquire, connect!

Come for the whole program or drop in to individual sessions.

Camino Yoga's next Yoga for You public classes coming soon to Berlin!

Watch this space!

Private Yoga Classes

I am a firm believer that yoga should be available to everybody regardless of age, gender, religion or ethnicity.

Private classes are designed to suit the needs of the individual. My approach is person-centred and trauma-informed, ensuring that you have the opportunity to practice in a safe and comfortable environment to explore your own yoga practice.

If you are interested in trying yoga for the first time or developing your personal practice please do not hesitate to contact me to arrange your private yoga classes! 


I believe it is important to create a safe, supported and non-judgemental environment where students feel comfortable to explore their yoga practice, connect with their sense of self and come into the here and now. Classes focus on bringing attention to the sensations in the body and connecting to the strengths that are already present in the body. 


Private yoga classes are adapted and shaped to suit your needs and will begin with a brief discussion about how we can work best together to support you. 


I believe that yoga should be accessible to everybody so I endeavour to price my classes fairly. Please contact me for a quote for your private classes for you or a group of friends or family.

Get in touch today to book your private yoga class!

What my students say...


 The positive and calming energy received from Jemma during her yoga classes is incredible. The tone of her voice and way of speaking really changed my mind about the way I practice. She taught me a way to listen to my body and move in such a way that will help to heal and restore, rather than compete with my own abilities. The flow, the energy, the postures, everything about the class left me feeling centered and cared for. Jemma, you are amazing. What a light!


- Michelle, USA        

Firstly I'd like to say that Jemma is one of the most amazing people I've been lucky enough to meet. She is so full of good and positive energy and it really transmits to the people around. Her Yoga sessions were nothing short of pure magic and very easy to follow as she creates a very comfortable atmosphere. Having lived at a yoga retreat for a long time I can safely say that her sessions were the most unique and memorable for me

-Gareth, Ireland

The yoga classes with Jemma were a great practice for the mind, soul and body. She is an experienced teacher, very dedicated, engaged and attentive. Thanks to her explanation and support I am able to do a headstand now. I highly recommend yoga practice with Jemma.


-Magdalena, Poland

Jemma took me for my first ever yoga sessions, and it was a wonderful introduction to what I hope to be continued practice from now on! She is a wonderful and involved teacher, possessing a calming presence, and her disposition is sunny and warm. I'd recommend her to anyone, from newbies to experienced yogis!

-Holly, South Africa