Community Education and Professional Development


As a strong believer in education and ongoing professional development, I provide training programs that engage, inspire and motivate.


Community education programs are ideal for schools and community centres working with young people. The following programs are available, with the options of customising a course to suit the needs of those you are working with.

- Gender Awareness
- Human Rights
- Volunteerism 
- Consent



Professional development programs are available for staff members or volunteers working within the community development and social work sector. This may include, but is not limited to, those working with refugees and people seeking asylum, survivors of sexual and gender based violence or human trafficking. The programs are adapted to suit the needs of the organisation and range from half-day workshops to ongoing training for up to 2 months. 

Professional development programs include:

  • Gender-based violence

  • Working with survivors of trauma

  • Trauma and the body

  • Volunteerism: Recruitment and Retention

What participants have said...

"Really excellent training. Really engaging and informative with so much packed in"

- Domestic Violence Training, Istanbul, Turkey​

"Very helpful seminar - this is so valuable to us! It was especially helpful to think about what specifically to say to or ask the people we work with"

- Domestic Violence Training, Istanbul, Turkey