“Recovery can take place only within the context of relationships; it cannot occur in isolation."

- Judith Herman, Trauma and Recovery

Offering somatic body-work programs and practices as a tool for embodiment, self-compassion and healing.

Providing body-based mental health programs for anyone living with the impacts of trauma, chronic stress and other emotional disorders.


Training and Capacity Building

Training programs for mental health practitioners, medical personnel and yoga teachers in TCTSY as well as capacity building programs in human rights, gender equality and trauma-informed practice



Short-term psychosocial program for children with a focus on social and emotional learning, offering space for healing and growth through body-based practices.

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Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY)

Individual and group programs for those living with Complex Trauma, PTSD, anxiety and depression

Yoga for You

Yoga programs for adolescents exploring sense of self and relationships with the body

Jemma Moody Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator



As a social worker and TCTSY facilitator, I  am passionate about supporting your mental health and wellbeing by working with your whole being. I believe that change comes through fostering connections, building a sense of empowerment and agency and exploring opportunities to live in the present moment, not controlled by the past or future. I believe that when we nurture these experiences and relationships we have the capacity to positively impact our communities ultimately making our world more inclusive, supportive and compassionate. 

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I feel like I have more ownership of my body and feel more of a part of it.

I can choose what to do with my body and life and relationships.


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